Friday, April 12, 2013

Overcoming A Negative Outlook

I’ve been in a rut lately. Creative writing has not been easy. Blog, fiction, my non-fiction book; the word challenge is an understatement. You might call it writer’s block. I call it work-related stress, grief over losing my beloved grandmother recently, and overall chaos that has pervaded my life lately. Staring at TV shows and zoning out to mindless puzzle games at night has never appealed so much, until it bothered me that time was wasting away on frivolity. Then something happened this week.

A co-worker read my blog entry “The Antithesis of Creativity.” She was floored, in her words; she said she had read it at exactly the right time. She printed it out so her husband could read it that night, I understand he’s going through some tough times too when it comes to employment, as several of my friends are in the same situation. She wanted him to read it to help change his outlook.

This knowledge, that I had this affect on someone with words and thoughts I wrote a few months ago, changed my outlook. Inspiration has returned just in time. My friend and coworker’s words came to me at exactly the right time. I have a busy year of writing ahead of me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Announcing the Publication of The Demonologia Biblica

Hey everyone,

I haven't been too active on this blog lately – hard at work on preparing stories for publication and dealing with some heavy curveballs life threw my way recently. However, I have some exciting news....

My short story "F is for Furcas: Lies Under Skin" is part of the brand new anthology from Western Legends Publishing, The Demonologia Biblica, the first of the Tres Liborum Prohibitorum series, edited and compiled by Dean M. Drinkel.

This book features twenty-six demonic stories from twenty-six emerging, established and award-winning authors. Now available on Amazon.

Please support this book – you won't regret it!

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