Sunday, February 27, 2011

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I spent last weekend with the Timex Multisport Team at the Timex Performance Center, headquarters of the NY Giants in the Meadowlands. I was the proverbial fly on the wall observing the various clinics, events and presentations. Met some great people/athletes – they have inspired me to work through my own physical obstacles to become more physically fit. Great stuff!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Going to California... for a week

Next week, my daughter's synchro skating team, the Skyliners, is competing in the USFSA's 2011 Synchronized Skating Championships in Ontario, CA, so for the very first time for all of my family we get to visit West Coast. They recently won gold in the Eastern Regional Championship at Lake Placid, NY.

It should be noted that my wife and I are very proud of our daughter's accomplishments in skating, we have sacrificed a lot to give her this amazing opportunity and to develop her talents. Before she was six, I would have never imagined that the world of figure skating would be a part of our collective future. I have found it is a tight-knit community that stretches across the country and into other parts of the world – people involved in the sport at all levels seem to know each other or have friends in common. Just on my own I have met a handful of Olympic skaters from Team USA, a few have even coached our daughter.

As for California, I am really wondering what to expect in the LA area – I have all sorts of preconceptions from movies, TV, books and word of mouth. It will be an interesting personal experience to see how much of Los Angeles lives up to the notoriety. We will be spending a lot of time checking out the city and some of its infamous sites. My CT/NYC-area upbringing has instilled a certain level of disdain for anything West Coast, but I will approach this with an open mind. I'm always up for new adventures, as much as I hate preparing to travel.

More to come from the West Coast... the good, bad and mundane.